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I was meditating at about 9 – 10 pm. I felt an urge to go outside into the backyard, so I did.

I laid down on my back, looking up into the night sky.

My mind slowly but surely started opening up, accelerating in speed, until *boom*, I felt like I was “one” with the whole universe. I felt connected to everything; emotionally, spiritually.

The Milky Way was glowing amazingly, it was how you see the Milky Way when you’re out in the country on a clear night, but I was in the suburbs of a city. It felt like there was little distance between me and the Milky Way; like there was a bridge connecting us both.

The feeling was of profound connection to something amazing. It was like a 20x more powerful feeling than everyday reality.

I heard what sounded like the most startling wolf growl I’ve ever heard, but when things died down, I realized it was the next-door neighbour’s dog’s noise being amplified.

I’ve not been able to meditate very well since, and have never experienced the same thing again, but I will never forget it.

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