Solopreneur Mission Statement

Feb 14, 2023 | Finance

Creating a mission statement is an important part of defining the purpose and direction of a business. Here are some steps for solo entrepreneurs to create a mission statement:

A mission statement does not have to be complex. In fact, keeping a simple mission statement is very powerful.

Consider the following mission statement: We will accomplish X by Y because of Z.

  • X is the top 3 economic objectives you’d like to achieve
  • Y is the deadline
  • Z is how your customers will benefit because you accomplish X

Here’s an example for an SEO company.

We will accomplish:

  • 500 monthly $1000 recurring revenue subscriptions
  • 10,000 book sales
  • 20 consulting projects

by June 2024 so our customers’ websites bring in 10x more revenue than they did previously.

Photo by David Iskander on Unsplash


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