Welcome To The Reign Of Introverts

Jul 11, 2021 | On Being an Introvert

For as long as I can remember, and seemingly for all of human history, being an extrovert was better. They sweet-talked their way into promotions, relationships, and in and out of trouble. They made rooms erupt with laughter and shared beers with their bosses and coworkers.

Being “better” at a job was no sure way to get promoted. The job/girl/house/best slice of pie went to the loudest and most charming.

Read on for:

  1. A World No Longer Ruled by the Loudest
  2. Top-Paying Careers Benefit the Quiet
  3. Counter Argument: Ambiverts Are the Perfect Mix
  4. Tech Companies Take Over
  5. Counter-Argument: Companies Still Need Extroverts for Promotion
  6. White-Collar Life Goes Home
  7. Counter-Argument: Clear Communication Is Still Necessary

Welcome To The Reign Of Introverts

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