Introverted Personality Models

Myers Briggs is a personality-type model developed from the theories of Carl Jung, a psychologist from the 20th century.

The Myers Briggs model looks at 4 axes of personality:

  • Extroversion -v- Introversion
  • iNtuition -v- Sensing
  • Feeling -v- Thinking
  • Judging -v- Perceiving/Prospecting

So there are 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16 personality types; 8 extrovert types and 8 introvert types. is a Myers Briggs testing website with detailed descriptions of each personality type. Here are the 8 introvert types.

INFP – Mediator INFJ – Advocate INTP – Logician INTJ – Architect
ISFP – Adventurer ISFJ – Defender ISTP – Virtuoso ISTJ – Logistician
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