New products: introvert coffee mugs

Introverts have fun too, we just don’t care if you know or not...
Coffee mug - i’m selectively social
Coffee mug - i am doing nothing
Mug: how do introverts flirt. Eye contact
How introverts make friends, mug
Mug, some things are better left off alone. Like me, for instance
I hate when i plan a conversation in my head but the other person doesn't follow the script
I don't always have time to call people back, but when i do, i don't
I'm not ignoring your text or dm, i'm ignoring everyone
Not interested in dating apps or talking to random people in coffee shops or bars... I need my soulmate to find me through intuition and echo location immediately
Coffee mug - y'all ever invite someone somewhere and wanna cancel it but it was your idea
Coffee mug - "listening to music is far better than listening to people
Coffee mug - 'you're so quiet'. Nah, i talk, just not to you
Coffee mug - please hesitate to contact me - introverts. Org
Ceramic coffee mug 'i thought i was in a bad mood but it's been a few years now so i guess this is who i am now'
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